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World's first
prefab earth walls made by automated technology

Now building with earth is cheap, easy, efficient and trendy

How prefab earth walls can save our planet

Our built environment contributes about 25 percent of all Greenhouse Gas Emissions and in our fight against climate change, it is imperative that we take steps to reduce our carbon emissions.  Prefab earth walls made by ecoearthwalz are a revolutionary new building product that can significantly reduce carbon emissions

Totally eco-friendly

earth walls drying


ecoearthwalz prefab earth walls are made from natural dirt/earth (sub-soil) and mixed with a little water.  That's it!  That's why they're DIRT CHEAP!!!  No top soil is used; that's for growing crops.

How they're made

The mixed dirt/earth is fed into our newly invented automated technology to produce earth walls of almost any size and shape of up to 2 feet (60 cm) thick, 80 inches (200 cm) long and 10 feet (300 cm) high.  Our technology is low-energy and we hope to power the entire operation with solar power, which could potentially make this a net-negative carbon product.  We can also paint (lime-wash) and waterproof walls with all-natural eco-friendly materials.  It couldn't be more eco-friendly!

Ready to build

Once suitable foundation and stem walls are in place at site, ecoearthwalz prefab earth walls are delivered to site and installed.  Walls for a single story house could be installed within hours saving time and money.  We are currently building a small demo shed and will have photos and video of this in due time.

Lower operating costs

Earth walls have excellent thermal mass which help to passively regulate internal temperature and humidity reducing use of mechanical heating and cooling - lowering utility bills!!!  Also, our earth walls require little to no maintenance and last for a long, long time...most likely longer than you live.

Health benefits

Earth walls are non-toxic and mould-free making them an ideal building material.  Did you know that about 50 percent of buildings in America have mould and many people have mould allergies which can cause severe health issues.  And most people are unaware of this.

Other interesting facts about earth walls

Earth walls are fireproof, soundproof,  pest proof, can withstand hurricanes and tornadoes, and can even withstand earthquakes depending on structure.  They can also last the Great Wall of China, which is built mostly of dirt/earth without cement or steel rebar. Wow!  Let's start building with ecoearthwalz!